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10 Wedding Day Hacks Every Bride Should Know

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

In the modern age of tech we're all looking for ways to save time and work smarter instead of harder, and that's especially true for those about to go from Miss. to Mrs. Here's a list of 10 incredibly clever hacks to make your wedding day a breeze!

10. With spring approaching, lots of brides will be walking down the aisle in nature's cathedral.

Outdoor weddings are #stunning...the bugs that live outdoors?...not so much. Keep pests at bay by using a perfume that doubles as insect repellent. (Yes, it's a thing!) For example, Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume will make you smell fabulous and keep mosquitoes away.

9. You've probably got some killer shoes picked out that perfectly compliment your gown and the last thing you want is to slip and fall on the way to your happily every after. Rough up the bottom of your new wedding shoes with sandpaper to avoid a spill.

8. If you think the days leading up to your I do's will be hectic, just wait till you return from your honeymoon! You'll have lot's to attend to, especially the tedious task of sending thank you notes. Make things easy on yourself by having personal postcards printed with a cute photo of you and your hubby; place them on the table next to the sign-in book at your ceremony for guests to self-address. You'll save on time and postage.

7. To save some funds, have two cakes: a gorgeous cake for display and cutting purposes (your baker may even be able to add faux tiers to make it tall and grand without much extra cost!), and sheet cakes hidden in the kitchen to be served to guests.

6. Stash your lipstick, a compact and some powder at your reception table. This will allow you to make quick touch-ups to your make-up so that you stay photo ready; without having to scurry back to the bridal suite.

5. Consider using your venue's sound system to play music from your iPod, phone, or computer during your ceremony and cocktail hour. You'll save tons of coin, and have more cash to invest in the music for your reception, when people will actually be dancing, rather than just listening and mingling.

4. Make an emergency kit ahead of time. Anything that you could possibly need should be within reach. Pack extra toiletries, breath mints, hair styling tools, bobby pins, snacks, drinking straws, pain reliever, band-aids, stain remover, safety pins, comfy flats or sandals, nail polish, wet wipes, and sewing kits. Trust us, you'll need it!

3. Using candles as part of your decor? Here's a little known tip; you can extend the burn time of your pretty votive, taper, and tea lite candles by popping them in the freezer the night before!

2. You've been mingling, dancing, and posing for pictures all night and you suddenly realize you didn't get to eat a bite of the delicious chicken marsala you took great pains to select for your wedding meal. Ask your caterer to pack a to-go bag that you can take at the end of your reception. Share your prepared meal when you get to your hotel room, It'll be a sweet moment between you and your new Mr.

1. We know that your ring is totally gorgeous, but hairspray, not diamonds is a brides' best friend. Spritz a little on your veil to keep it from sticking to your face, use it to eliminate static in your bridesmaids dresses. Mist your bouquets and boutonnieres with it to keep them looking crisp and fresh.

All of these hacks are super useful, but the main thing we tell our brides is to enjoy every moment. If you're not careful this day that you've waited your whole life for will go by in a blur. Make sure to take the time to be present and really experience and enjoy your wedding with your man, your family and your friends. What wedding hacks will you put into practice on your big day?

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