I'm Brittany, and I am a Lead Coordinator and Designer with Sheer Elegance Luxury Weddings & Events. I also carry experience as an event planner. Creating glorious, timeless, memorable, and elegant events is my passion. In fact, I often tend to say it's in my blood... My love for designing and planning events was cultivated at a young age. As a child, my parents owned a successful wedding and event business, as well as a small local décor store for many years, until they retired from it. I have such fond memories of watching my parents turn the most basic room into a breathe taking and elaborately designed masterpiece.


Years later, those experiences still resonate with me. Before I knew it, I found myself doing events of my own for friends, family, and churches. I have a love for being creative, I tend to think outside the box, I posses unique problem solving abilities, and have a passion for helping people. Combining all these factors, Sheer Elegance was born! I believe that part of the beauty of an event is in the details. That is why I take great pride in being fastidious and meticulous down to the tiniest detail, when planning and designing any event. Helping others create one of a kind, exquisitely curated events and precious life long memories is truly my passion and brings me joy! It is truly satisfying bringing my clients event dreams to fruition and


As founder of Sheer Elegance, Overall, I bring with me well over a decade of experience in the event industry. I have been taken under the wings of celebrity Planners, David Tutera and Joey Toth as their Mentee. I have also had the privilege of speaking for the Event Planners Association, sharing my experiences and expertise with thousands of others in the event industry. I am constantly working to expand my event industry knowledge and to personally develop in an effort to bring my clients an A1, Upper Echelon EXPERINCE! - Cheers!


My name is Marquita, I am a Lead Coordinator & Designer at Sheer Elegance Luxury Weddings & Events. Creating memorable, gorgeous, and unique occasions has been my passion for most of my life. Having a natural talent for all things creative from music, to painting, to teaching; friends and family frequently came to me to help plan and decorate for birthday parties, church functions and showers. In college, as many of my close friends began to get engaged, my design skills were in constant and high demand. I heard on numerous occasions “you should do this for a living!” After college, I transferred my decorating hobby into the classroom as a teacher. I loved building immersive and engaging learning

environments for my students, turning an ordinary classroom into everything from a storybook village complete with a life-size castle and drawbridge, to the amazon rainforest teeming with wildlife. As an educator, I heard the same sentiments from fellow teachers and administrators that I heard as a college student helping my friends plan their weddings; “you’re so creative!” and “will you help me decorate my classroom?!”


Finally, I decided to take the advice of friends, family, and colleagues alike, and use my gifts to establish an event planning career. As co-founder of Sheer Elegance Events, I have the joy of designing and creating for the most important times in our client’s lives. Each flower, and touch of sparkle is carefully and meticulously arranged knowing that they will be captured in the memory of brides, grooms, parents to be, and honorees for years to come.